Table of key features

Vintage Status Technology Policy Target Portfolio Size Markets
2020 Open for Investment Small-Scale Solar + Batteries None $100mm Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

How It Works

As it turns out...small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in East Africa require access to consistent, affordable electricity to power their operations. This habitually underserved market is an ideal candidate for distributed generation but lacks the credibility for traditional DG project development. Over the past three years, Energea and Centennial Power Generation have developed a DG product tailored specifically to the needs and credit of the typical east African business. After serving hundreds of invoices that have each been paid in full and on time, we’re proving that investors and SME customers have more in common then they might think.

Sample Projects

Rooftop Solar Installation in Kigali Rwanda
Peace Plaza: 10kW

M Peace Plaza is the tallest building in Kigali, Rwanda and it proudly wears a 10kW solar array for only cranes, zipdrones and air passengers to see. M Peace Plaza is also the home base for Centennial Power Generation, Energea’s in-country partner for the Africa Portfolio.

University Car Port

A wise man once said “never put solar on a parking canopy, it’s too expensive and makes the construction significantly more complex”. That said, when we had an opportunity to participate in a project that met the Portfolio’s investment objectives while creating Rwandan jobs and saving the University on energy costs, we broke that rule (just this one). This project represents the exact size, customer, economics and scalability our Portfolio in Africa is designed to facilitate.

Carport Solar Installation Africa University