Energea is focused on distributed generation assets in emerging markets. Our technology focus includes PV solar, battery storage, micro-hydro and landfill biogas. Other technologies are considered on a case-by-case basis. Business models can vary from market to market but will have the same goals for the customer: lower cost, renewable source generation, reliable, and long term budget certainty. Another major feature in all of the Energea Global Products is they do not require any upfront cash from the customer.


Just like it sounds, On-Site Generation consists of a solar system, either ground mount or roof mount, that is installed directly on the property. Many of these projects are located in markets that have net metering laws but that is not a requirement. In the case where there is no net metering, the system production will be engineered to be entirely below the load curve of the customer.

onsite solar power generation

Much like “community solar”, Virtual Net Metering involves a larger distributed generation asset (hydro, wind, or solar), off site, with one or more customers buying a portion of the energy produced, or renting the project and receiving credits on their utility bill. This is a great option for customers without a suitable roof location or access to land.

Many virtal net metered customers are smaller businesses in larger cities, who can save significantly in the cost of their electricty in business model. This product is only available in markets that have the required regulatory framework.

virtual net metered generation

Battery technology has advanced significanty in the past decade, while the cost of manufacturing certain batteries has continued to drop. This has allowed for many different business models to emerge using batteries with several applications or goals. They could be designed for cost savings, backup power, off grid, and or load shaping. Theses different business models can also be combined with the benefits of a solar project.

Solar Battery Storage
Hydro Power Stations

A common denominator in emerging markets is the outdated use of hydro power stations, big or small. We now have the unique ability to retrofit already existing stations with technology that can maximize its output. Where the original machinery was designed to output kilowatts, new technology can increase the energy generation to megawatts, effectively bringing new life to growing communities.

Solar Battery Storage